A North Burnaby Mom and her 2 girls bake bread for HUFA!

IMG_2637When Amy heard the story about HUFA and all we do to help Mama Mercy and the Children at the Avchen Abigail Mercy Academy she wanted to do something to help. She shared the story about Hands up for Africa and the AAMA with her 2 girls, 8 year old Aeris and 6 year old Robyn, and they both wanted to do something to help HUFA as well.

Amy is very good at baking bread (yes, from scratch, without a bread machine) and she had been wanting to teach her girls how to do so as well. So, they decided they would bake bread and sell it to raise money for HUFA. They worked diligently every Friday for a couple of months and baked over 20 loaves of bread for friends and family who put in orders for the delicious, fresh loaves. With all their hard work they were able to raise over $100 for HUFA!

Thank you so much for your hard work and your support of HUFA! It is so great to see youth here reaching out and helping to make a difference to the youth living at the AAMA.