Donor Stories | Selling Garlic for HUFA

Canadians are most fortunate to live in a country of such abundance and opportunity.  We reside in north-central BC, on a small farm where there is plenty of space to plant food crops.  Since our sons have grown up and moved to their own homes, we needn’t plant as large a
garden…but that just meant there was more room to plant garlic, a nutritious vegetable, easy to grow and store! 

After autumn planting enthusiasm got the better of us, we watched 800 healthy bulbs emerge from the warming soil this spring.  Too many for our consumption, but perhaps they could serve a broader purpose?  So we offered our three grand-daughters a proposal:  if they would help harvest and store the garlic, and find customers to purchase it, we would let them have the funds.  

Thoughtful discussion with them about how we obtain, and use, money, resulted in a deal that would allow them to save one-third, spend one-third and give one-third. Knowing of Hands Up for Africa, they decided that HUFA’s Avchen Abigail Mercy Academy should benefit from their labors.  Satisfied customers purchase of farm-grown garlic resulted in the Academy receiving over $160 for the children.  And our grand-daughters practised good lessons of harvesting, marketing and money management.

Daryl and Dina Hanson