Hands Up for Africa (HUFA) is a Vancouver-based registered Canadian charity dedicated to providing safe shelter, food, medicine, education and a sense of belonging to some of the most vulnerable children in Africa.

HUFA was formed in February 2008 after the tragic deaths of a local Vancouver woman and active community member, Avchen Harivel Pinkard, and her unborn daughter, Abigail.

2018 has been a year of transition. No longer solely financing the AAMA in Kenya, HUFA is now able to support other projects in the region that aim to feed, educate and empower children and families. We are so pleased to share with you the first three projects we’ve selected under our new third-party funding mandate. Our decisions on which organizations to fund are based on a project’s local involvement, sustainable focus and honest, grass-roots beginnings.

What sets HUFA apart from other international charities is our personal connection to the communities we serve. Children’s needs and how to best address them are identified by proven, results-driven community leaders.

Organizations supported by Hands Up For Africa: